A Complete Guide To Your Camping Essentials

How will you know which camping items you really need?

Having a good camping checklist is a must for anyone who loves to go camping. However, what if you are new to camping?  How do you identify the “tactical necessities” from your everyday camping clothes and gear?

The following is a rough, but by no means complete, list of the most important camping essentials you will need for your next camping trip. The same list sharing with you below. Be sure to use this handy camping essentials checklist to ensure you have everything you need on your camping trip. This camping essentials checklist is not only for first time campers, either.

a good supply of food and water

Your camping essentials kit has everything you need to get yourself back on the road, safely. With a good supply of food and water, you won’t be far from civilization and can start enjoying your trip. The following is a short yet thorough list of these essentials. You will need at least one Coleman tent and one lightweight sleeping bag. Other accessories that are handy to bring are a flash light, a folding shovel, a folding knife, a Swiss knife, a cord bracelet or hatchet, a Coleman camp stove, and a Coleman fuel storage container.

Your camping checklist should include some of these other items as well, though. If you are a backpacker, consider packing a tent, rope, a hammock, and something to keep your food in (no more food spoiling in your backpack.) For car camping trips, consider packing a jacket and waterproof hiking boots. Also, consider having your favorite toothbrush, combs, razors, shaving soap and more within reach. More often than not, it is easier to buy a few items rather than buying them all in one trip, and this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when packing for a camping trip.

excellent choice for overnight camping trips

The second thing on your camping essentials checklist is your sleeping bags and sleeping pads. You will find that most of your camping activities will require you to sleep outside, and you should have a good sleeping bag to ensure your safety. Depending on your activity, you may need a wide-tent camping pad or a fly. These items can be found at most outdoors stores and are relatively inexpensive. A Coleman air mattress is also an excellent choice for overnight camping trips, although not everyone likes them due to their weight and overall size.

Another must-pack item for any camping trip is a waterproof clothing pack. Many people mistakenly believe that a waterproof clothing pack means that it will rain all day long, which is simply not the case. A waterproof clothing pack will help protect you from the rain while still allowing your skin to breathe. A lot of people pack a sports bottle, a handful of sunflowers and some waterproof matches with them just in case they need them. A wet swim will be much more enjoyable if you’re dressed in layers that keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

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