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Spice Up Your Christmas Hamper This Year!

Food hampers – commonly known as just hamper or hampers – are containers to store or carry food. There is an endless number of shapes, sizes, and uses for a portion of food hamper. They are used to either store food for a longer period of time or carry it from place to place. While there are many different types of hampers, the one most often found in homes and businesses is in the hamper. Here are five ways to learn more about this versatile storage solution.


A popular choice for food hamper options

is the hamper that is filled with smoked salmon. Sliced smoked salmon makes a delicious meal and can be used in any number of ways. One of the most popular uses for smoked salmon in a hamper is to make an on-the-go gourmet food gift. Simply wrap a hamper with smoked salmon and gift it to a colleague or family member on a whim. They’ll be delighted that you remembered them on such short notice. For a less personal but equally tasty treat, try making smoked ham with salmon that has been cooked on the grill.


To make the perfect hamper for a Christmas party

give your guests the traditional hamper that is filled with crackers, cookies, and apples. But instead of using traditional, white fish, why not use award-winning canned salmon instead? Canned salmon that has been smoked is the perfect way to use smoked fish in Christmas food hampers. The rich flavor and moist texture of canned salmon will melt in your mouth and will keep your loved ones thinking that they’re having the best Christmas dinner ever.


For a more seasonal, but no less delicious hamper

think about using gingerbread or Christmas-themed hampers. For Christmas time, these festive feasts are filled with gingerbread cookies and cranberry sauce. For an equally flavorful version, serve hamper-worthy ham and cheese on your December hamper. This will be the talk of the holiday season!


For something completely different

and more unusual for a Christmas hamper, you can try spiced apple cider. Spicy apple cider is a great way to spice up your plain Christmas hamper. If you’re looking for another Christmas hamper idea, spice things up even more by serving tea kettles filled with cinnamon-flavored tea. Let your guests know that you’re trying to be different this year with your December hampers.


You don’t have to be stuck in the same old Christmas stockings this year.

Why not let your creativity shine through by turning your best winter hampers into festive gifts? Shop the food hamper emporium for something different and interesting for a Christmas party or holiday event. The food hampers are sure to be a big hit at your next gathering. You can dress them up with bows and glitter or leave them more natural and understated for your guests to enjoy after the party!

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