Benefits of Having Contactless Check-In Systems

The most popular check-in option in hotels today is the contactless check-in system. Contactless technology has revolutionized the way that employees are checked in. The process is quick, easy, and less stressful for the staff and the patients. The systems allow for quick identification of each guest and the ability to track them as they leave the hotel room.


Contactless check-in systems are reliable

They have very few technical problems. Most companies have a guarantee of one to two years. Most of these systems can be used in conjunction with voice recognition to scan your guests’ information and print out a custom identification badge. These badges make it easy to cross-check records and verify names and other data too.


benefits to implementing a contactless check-in system

There are several benefits to implementing contactless check-in systems into your hotel. One is that it eliminates the need to write down the guest’s name and badge number when you are discharging them at the door. This reduces errors and the chances of losing or misplacing them. Another benefit is the ease of tracking record keeping. You will know who has been in and who has not when recording guest checks. The information is easy to access and you can retrieve it quickly for inventory and re-use.


systems offer a level of security

A major benefit is that these systems offer a level of security too. These small cameras cannot be trusted to watch over your property all the time. However, they can be watched if you have an alarm system installed. The cameras cannot watch your rooms when you are not at home, but they can capture video images of anyone trying to enter them.


not always reliable

One of the biggest drawbacks to using contactless check-in systems is that they are not always reliable. If your system experiences hardware problems or software glitches, you will have no way to prove that it was not your fault. Sometimes, the cameras might not capture video images clearly or the image may not be clear. If this happens, you might be able to prove that the other person had permission to enter the room, but you will have no proof to present in court if need be.


best to hire a staff to man your system in the evening

Overall, the benefits of having contactless check-in systems are hard to ignore. This technology has greatly reduced the number of mistakes made when checking in guests at hotels. It has also helped to reduce theft of merchandise from check-ins and the associated costs. While it might be best to hire a staff to man your system in the evening, you will still find the benefits to be well worth the cost.

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