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Choosing Motorcycle Liability Insurance

If you own a motorcycle or intend to buy one soon, you should get the appropriate insurance coverage for it. Motorcycle insurance basically is like auto insurance in offering you financial protection especially for damages or injuries incurred while riding your motorcycle. A typical motorcycle insurance policy contains various types of coverage, such as liability insurance, which covers for any damages you cause to other people, but it could also include coverage for the motorcycle itself and medical expenses incurred by the rider. It is also possible for you to get special insurance plans to cater to your needs, if you intend to ride your motorcycle on specified areas.


In addition to liability insurance, another type of insurance is comprehensive insurance. This kind of coverage is designed to provide you with complete financial cover in case you are involved in an accident or even if you are at fault. Comprehensive insurance will take care of everything, from repair costs of your bike to compensation if you get injured in an accident. In case you don’t have this kind of insurance, you could be faced with huge bills for medical care and other services. So, make sure that you have this coverage before driving on the road.

Another type of coverage you may want to consider is the bodily injury liability coverage, which helps you pay for the medical bills of any passenger who was injured in a motorcycle accident. This kind of coverage differs from state to state, so you will need to contact your local insurance agent for more information. The most common bodily injury liability coverage is for bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. With bodily injury liability coverage, the insurer will pay for the medical expenses and the funeral expenses of the passengers who were injured in an accident, as well as for pain and suffering, lost wages, and physical disability resulting from the accident. Property damage liability coverage will pay for the repair or replacement costs of any property damaged by an automobile or motorcycle during an accident.


If the driver has at least PIP insurance, then he is required to carry bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. This type of coverage will cover the other driver, as well as passengers in the motorcycle, in the event that the driver gets into an accident with them. However, if you are not licensed to drive a motorcycle, and you have a loan for your motorcycle, you will have to get a motorcycle liability insurance to protect yourself financially. A lot of people get their motorcycle liability insurance through their auto insurance policy, since they don’t need to put up their own money.

If you decide to get motorcycle insurance through your auto insurance company, there are a couple of things you should know about motorcycle liability insurance policies. First, make sure you understand the coverage levels and the deductible amounts provided in the policy. Second, ask about the option to add guest passenger liability coverage to your policy. Guest passenger liability coverage comes in handy in the event that you or any passenger on your motorcycle is injured in an accident with another person, and you are the one who has to pay for their medical bills.


Motorcycle insurance can be expensive, especially if you are a motorcycle owner. If you only have the funds to fix up your own bike after an accident and you don’t own a lot of cars or other vehicles, it may not be a good idea for you to get insurance. However, if you have an expensive sports car or other vehicle, you may want to consider some type of personal automobile insurance coverage. The insurance coverage will help you replace your bike or other vehicles that you damage during an accident, and it will also help you to pay the medical bills of those who are injured. The optional motorist coverage, which is often available along with the standard motorist coverage, will help you protect yourself against the other driver’s legal liabilities, such as traffic violations, if you are at fault in a collision with them.

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