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Common Platforms Used For Computer Software Development and Installation

Software is a set of instructions and information that tell a particular computer how to perform. This is rather dissimilar to physical hardware, wherein the machine actually performs all the required work and is constructed by a series of smaller units. The term software actually refers to the software that is installed on a computer and it is updated whenever new programs are available for download. The advantage with such a system is that upgrades or updates can be performed without having to reinstall the entire operating system.


Applications or programs that make up the operating systems on desktop, laptop and other portable devices need the same type of software that is found on larger and more substantial hard drives. For this reason, there is some software that is offered as free downloads over the Internet while there is also a larger selection of paid or commercial applications. When comparing these two different types of software, the software that is paid for is generally more robust and more feature-rich than the free variety while the smaller free variety is quite easy to use.

The choice of applications or programs usually depends on a number of factors. Most people prefer to have an application that is very flexible, easy to learn and not too complicated in terms of structure. People prefer open source software because they tend to be less expensive and most people can learn to use them with minimal effort. There is also a general belief among many people that cloud computing applications are easier to use since everything is located on the Internet and therefore, users are able to access it using any browser.


One of the main reasons why people prefer to have cloud-based application software is because they are compatible with many different operating systems. Therefore, it is very easy to update and add new features as new operating systems are introduced. In fact, it is now possible to develop software that works with both the Windows operating system and the Linux operating system, which are a relatively new development. In addition, some people prefer to use cloud-based programming applications because they are easier to develop compared to programming in a programming code. For instance, there are many people who prefer to have a program written in C rather than in Java because the syntax of the former is easier to grasp.

In addition to the convenience of having cloud-based application software, another important consideration is portability factor. Developers are required to have a system that can run on any type of hardware. For instance, it would be very difficult to write a program that works on a laptop computer if the laptop manufacturer does not support it. Developers prefer to have software applications that are easy to install and run on various types of computer systems because this reduces the risk of making a mistake when it comes to the compatibility of the applications with the operating system on the computers of the end users.


Developers and technicians often encounter problems with compatibility issues between the computer system software and the hardware. This problem usually arises due to incorrect specification of the hardware or the lack of updates for the hardware. The developers can still solve these issues by communicating with the users. However, this process can become quite long and tedious. If the hardware manufacturer will not provide updates, then the only option left for the developers is to change the computer system software in order to run the application properly.

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