Different Types of Flag Poles and Their Features

When it comes to building a flag pole, you will need flag poles of different sizes depending on your requirements. For instance, if you are building a 10-foot high fence or just a few posts, then you will not have to worry about making the poles too long or too wide. The key to building any type of flag pole is the proper measurements and the right materials being used to construct it. In this article, we shall discuss about different types of flag poles available for building any type of flag pole.


Types of Flag Poles


Aluminum Residential Flag Poles Fiberglass flag poles are by far the sturdiest, strongest and most durable kinds of poles available in the market. Also known as flag board, they come in three common standard colors. Moreover, they also have good tensile strength and they can take a lot of punishment without getting damaged. Fiberglass is also highly resistant to rot, which is why many home owners prefer them for flag pole installations.

PVC Vinyl Flag Poles Typically used to support large rectangular flags, this pole is made up of high quality PVC plastic which makes it ideal for long-lasting usage. The material used in making these flag poles is UV resistant and you can use them in any weather condition. The poles come in different standard colors and they can be installed easily without any special tools.

PVC Vinyl Flag Poles Generally used to support large rectangular flags, these poles are manufactured with high quality PVC material. They come in various different heights and they can be installed easily without any special tools. The poles can be used at various different heights and they can be set up at various different angles depending upon the type of flag that you want to display.




Aluminum Flag Poles Preferably used for outdoor flag poles, these aluminum poles come in various different heights which make it easy for people to install them anywhere in your lawn or garden. Some aluminum poles are equipped with the best sun reflective fabric so that they can be used easily even in the darkest conditions. They have a UV resistant finish and you can expect them to last for several years. The fabric used in the poles is fabric with a high sun exposure resistance and it comes in various different colors. The poles have an adjustable height which makes it very easy for you to set them up at the best height according to the requirements. In addition to this, the aluminum poles have an aluminum finish that is perfect for those who do not like the feel of the metal.

Fiberglass FlagPoles These is lightweight flag poles which are made from high density polyethylene. The poles have a vinyl coating on them which helps them to withstand strong winds and rains. At the same time, you can expect them to withstand various temperatures as well.

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