Healing Crystals – How to Use Your Healing Crystal to Find Peace & Harmony

Healing crystal is an alternative-medical practice which uses crystals and gemstones like amethyst, quartz, Beryl, anhydrite, olivine or pyroterite to cure physical and emotional problems. Its supporters claim that such stones have healing powers, although there’s no scientific evidence for that claim. It is used by many alternative practitioners in America today. The term “healing crystal” is generally used to describe any kind of gemstone or crystal that is used for treatment purposes.

Healing Crystal


In the West, healing crystals are often used along with massage therapy, prayer or spiritual awareness, although not all stones are suitable for such use. Spiritual healers who promote the use of energy medicine believe that some stones can alter the state of energy in the person receiving them, thereby allowing them to locate or pinpoint specific energy centers (chakras) throughout the body. Healing crystals are thought to boost the power of positive life force energy to help the practitioner in every area of health, including stress, aging, pain and disease.


Amethyst is one such healing crystal. Its color is typically light blue or shades of turquoise. It is the most popular of all the gemstones for this purpose. It is reputed to ease stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, lack of sleep, restlessness, impatience, restlessness, and loss of romantic interest in women. It is said to transform negative emotions into positive ones; it is also said to help people connect with their own psychic energy.

Selenium is another good choice for the purpose of healing crystal. It is the strongest of all stones known as a healing crystal and is well suited for such purposes because it is the best known carrier of selenium. Selenium is used to reduce stress, anxiety, and to help people overcome the withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person quits smoking. In addition, selenium is a highly effective astringent and antiseptic for treating skin problems.


Some people may be hesitant about using crystals when their medicine cabinet is filled with prescription medications. That is where you may be able to find other format options that will be just as beneficial for your purposes. Crystal healing does not require the use of expensive prescription drugs; therefore, you may be able to get away with stocking only one box of crystals. You can also keep a number of these healing crystals around the house on hand, so that you can benefit from their effects when you need them. When you start looking for a crystal healer, keep in mind that there are two primary ways to do so.

You can purchase crystal stones from a reputable retailer of alternative medicines. Many such retailers now offer the option of buying crystal in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Crystal healing crystals are also available in a multitude of colors, allowing you to match the color of your jewelry to the color of the healing crystals that you are using to bring you peace and harmony into your life.

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