Wicker Dog Bed

How to Choose the Right Dog Bedding For Your Beloved Pet

With the Aumler dog series, you get all the comfort that you would expect from a luxury designer dog bed. The Aumler line features the Wicker Therapy Dog bed and the Wicker Townhouse Sofa. The combination of these two comforters offers you everything you would expect in a bed for your best friend. What they lack however is any form of animal cruelty or death due to poor manufacturing processes. If you are concerned about this, then here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when making the purchase:


The Aumler Wicker Dog Sofa in a shot:

Wicker Sofa specifics: Made out of durable European wicker. Hand-woven, produced in Europe. All cushions meet the European Union safety standards. They’re also nontoxic and the entire basket and sofa are safe for animals and humans alike.


The Aumler Rattan Dog Bed in a shot:

Rattan is a natural wicker weave, which makes it some of the most comfortable and strong cushions available. It’s also been treated with an anti-static charge to ensure it remains resistant to electricity and static. The cover of the mattress is also water-resistant and repels dust mites. The full-size adult bed can support a full-sized poodle or large dog. This indoor-outdoor dog bed gives you and your pet the comfort you deserve.


The Aumler Wicker Dog Cradle in a shot:

This wicker dog bed has been designed with dual purposes in mind. While being fully functional as a bed, it also can be used as a cradle by using the included Velcro strap. That way you can keep your pooch safely positioned even while you’re on the run. A fantastic accessory if you have an energetic pooch.


The Aumler Wicker Dog Sofa Cushion in a shot:

This cushion comes in a variety of styles and colors and features a suede finish for ultimate durability and comfort. Its soft plush polyester cover is waterproof and hypoallergenic. It features two side pockets for convenient access to your dog’s things. There is a snap hook for securing your dog’s favorite toy. You can also adjust the included Velcro strap so that it is snugly against your dog’s ribs for a secure, comfortable fit.


If you’re ready to give your best friend

the super-padded comfort they deserve, make sure to consider these top-of-the-line dog bedding options. You’ll be giving your beloved pet not only space and luxury they need but also the opportunity to show off their fashionable side at the same time. Choose from among these luxurious Wicker Dog Beds and other high-quality pet products. You’ll be amazed by how much additional space and convenience these extra-wide wicker baskets offer. Give your best friend the gift of a lifetime – literally!

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