How to Do an Effective Truck Paint Job

truck paint

When your old pickup truck is starting to show its age, or when you just want to give it a fresh look, a custom truck paint job can give your old truck a whole new look. Basic Truck Paint Ideas There are many basic truck paint ideas that you can use to give your old truck a makeover. If you are feeling creative, you can create your own design and use spray paint, stencils and paint rolls to make it unique. Instead of painting your old truck hot pink, get it painted pink with an olive green underbody and add thick black stripes down the side of the truck’s bed. Or if you want to go for an ultra-modern look, use blue and chrome spray paint to paint your truck a rich cherry red.


Painting your truck in the basic way can give it a washed out appearance if you do not have any design on the vehicle. However, if you use stencils and designs to create patterns, you will have a more unique truck paint job that will really stand out. Many professional truckers choose stencils and paint rolls to do their own vehicle painting. Although this may be a bit more expensive than using basic paint, it can save you money if you plan on doing several different jobs.

Basic Truck Paint Jobs If you are starting off with no design or stenciling skills, you should consider painting one basic model of your truck. This could be the cab of your pickup or even just the front of your truck. There are lots of fun things you can create with just a spray gun and a bit of paint. Other than the obvious designs, you can do graffiti, stars, cones and dots, stop lights, cartoons, and many more.


Basic Painting Costs One thing that makes painting a vehicle fun is getting to spend time on it. No matter how much time you are willing to invest in a project, make sure that you factor in the cost of paint. It is a good idea to do some research online so that you know an estimated cost of paint for your project before you go to the paint store. Some paints last longer than others depending on the quality of the paint and the weather conditions when it was applied. For example, you might find that a water-based paint will last longer in high humidity and weather than latex paint. It is important that you keep your estimated cost of paint in mind when you go to pick out paint for your project.

Time-consuming Carpets Another thing that can add time to your project is having to wash the vehicle. If you have a long commute and often have to park and walk to work, having a car wash at the end of the day can be a hassle. If you do not have the time or the patience for this, you might want to consider painting the vehicle with a coat of primer first. When you paint a car, the primer coat gives a matte finish that allows paint to adhere better to the vehicle’s body. Primer coats are also easier to apply, which cuts down on mistakes.


Basic Paint Job A final consideration that goes into your basic paint job is the type of paint that you will be using. Some people prefer to use a high-gloss topcoat so that their car looks as shiny as possible. Other people prefer to use a medium-gloss paint to have a matte finish. Whatever you decide to do, remember that applying multiple coats of paint can take several hours. Before you start your project, make sure that you have plenty of drying time so that you do not over saturate your vehicle.

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