Impact Of Digital Media On Indian Society

Digital media relates to any electronic media, which are encoded in computer-readable formats. Digital media is used for mass communication of information and the storage of such data. Digital media includes CD, DVD, VHS, LCD TV, radio, cable TV, PVR, video camcorder, digital camera, camcorder, video recorder, voice recorder, computer monitor, telephone line, network fax, mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), handheld personal digital devices (PDAs), portable media players (PMPs) and other types of digital devices. Digital media is used for varied purposes such as entertainment, education, business, news, sports, advertising, and information dissemination.


Distribution of brand awareness.

In recent times the term ‘digital media’ has come up concerning the multi-directional communication and distribution of brand awareness. It is not just the brands that are made public through digital media but also the products/services/corporate info product and services etc. which reach people in a world of multi-directional marketing. This multi-directional nature of brand awareness makes it virtually impossible for a brand to gain an upper hand through conventional advertising and marketing procedures. However, with digital media one can achieve this by employing different channels of distributing their brand’s image.


The photo-sharing facility

Various companies are working hard to make citizen’s experience an enhanced one using digital media. For example, there are companies like Witty imaging who have launched a citizen’s experience product called ‘My Flickr’. This is software that helps a user to upload pictures from their digital camera or smartphone onto the web and make the pictures accessible to the general public. The photo-sharing facility enables users to make use of their favorite pictures by making a few clicks. To make it even more popular and user-friendly, the service gets provided with extra security and is also provided with the option to edit the photo and place it on different websites. This not only makes it an efficient means of spreading the word but also helps in creating good PR.


Better public awareness

However, one needs to realize that it is just an initiative taken by citizens using digital media. It cannot be labeled as a tool of public management. There is a need for citizen groups to work actively for better public awareness. Sometime back in the 90s, there was the introduction of television into the homes and this marked a turning point for the entire nation. Almost all Indians grew up viewing ‘Indian Idol’ on TV. Over the years many other small Indian companies too got established in the global market and most of them got a toe hold in the Indian market by using digital media to promote their products.


Changed the way people communicate

In the present scenario, the impact of digital media is far-reaching. It has not only revolutionized the Indian business scenario but has also changed the way people communicate with each other across state boundaries and nations. Most of the corporate offices use digital media for conducting smooth business relations. Today it has become mandatory for every organization to have an online presence and for its employees to be conversant in the usage of various online tools. The industrial age has also witnessed the birth of several innovative technologies like 3D, animation, social networking, augmented reality, etc.


All these innovations have made the world a global village. Today, everybody from any part of the world can access information about any subject easily. The use of digital media is not limited to the corporate sector alone but has also pervaded social media. All leading Indian brands like ICICI, Reebok, Adidas, and others have their respective websites which are widely visited by users from across the country and the world.

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