Katana samurai

The Katana Samurai sword is the standard samurai sword that every samurai master has. When you study to become a samurai, you learn how to use this great sword. This is not a simple weapon to use as it is both sharp and flexible, however it also has a deep curvature and tapered points. It was originally created in Japan where ninjutsu, the art of combining forms, was introduced and practiced with this sword.


A katana is a short sword that is roughly three feet long when it is complete. The point of a katana is much larger than the edge, which allows for quick attacks and counter strikes. It has many different styles, but they all have three important things in common: the length, the curvature of the blade and the tapered points. These three things make up the “bladed sword” and each of them to perform specific functions in close combat.


In order to perform the Shikai, which is a combination attack using the blade and hands, all three of these aspects must work together. The entire body is used to perform the Shikai and there are many different styles that can be used to do this. For instance, one style of the Shikai uses the entire body to perform the attack, while other styles concentrate on particular areas or the entire body. The key to mastering the Shikai is to understand that it should always be performed in front of an opponent so that you can focus your mind and spirit into it. This will allow you to fully dedicate your body to the technique, and to learn how to control and execute the attack perfectly.

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