Maternity Wardrobe During Your Pregnancy

How to purchase maternity clothing When to purchase maternity clothing?

When should you buy maternity clothing? Where to purchase maternity clothing? These are just some of the questions pregnant women ask themselves when thinking about maternity clothing. Here are answers to the most asked questions about maternity clothing.

When should you buy maternity clothing? One of the many changes a pregnant woman will experience is huge changes in the size and shape of her body. During the first trimester, your bump will be tender and itchy. This is the time your clothes will stretch out to their maximum length.

Now that you have your bump, what does it feel right?

Do you think your clothes fit better? Do you wish you had more colors and patterns available? If yes, now is the time to start thinking about your maternity wardrobe!

What if you change your mind and decide you don’t want the big bump? Well, one choice is to keep on doing what you were doing. That’s fine too. In fact, most women who get through the first trimester with their bump look forward to bumping into themselves as the second trimester progresses. Of course, we wouldn’t want you to change your mind and decide you don’t want your bump any longer. So what do you do?

During the second trimester you can still wear your maternity jeans and dress pants. Yes, they will be a little baggier than normal, but they will still fit perfectly with your growing belly. You may also want to wear a maternity wrap dress. A wrap dress wraps around your belly and comes down to your knees. You can wear these same clothes under your pants or shirt to help conceal your growing belly.

It’s all about giving up your love of stretchy maternity pants and leggings. Forget them. Your body is too big and there are just too many ways to show off it. Instead of hiding it with old-fashioned maternity clothing, embrace it and let it show off its curves.

When you are in the third trimester

During the fourth and fifth trimesters you have to start taking stock of the items in your maternity wardrobe. This means throwing out some of the less essential items like stretchy leggings and maternity jeans. Buy a few more pieces that you can wear with your bump so that you can stay dressed even if your tummy starts to grow. Don’t forget the wrap dress!

In the third trimester, your tummy will be almost completely covered with your second trimester belly. You can’t wait to put on your favorite pair of maternity clothes and go out to celebrate your new life. You can still wear your stretchy jeans and dress pants from the second trimester, but by this time, they won’t feel like they fit anymore. Maintain your relationship with your maternity clothes by wearing some of the accessories from the second trimester like the lacy bandeau. This will keep your outfit from looking over done even if you’ve already shown a great deal of skin through your first trimester.

In the fourth and fifth trimester, it’s time to really add some size to your legs and backside. One way to do this is to use belt-like maternity pants called boot-cut pants. The boot cut creates an illusion of a bigger waist and also provides extra lift to your tummy. Another option is to buy one of your favorite pairs of maternity leggings, shorten them, and tuck them under your belly button to make your legs look longer. No matter what style or brand of maternity clothing you choose to wear for the rest of your pregnancy, remember to match everything with the same pattern or color.

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