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Moldavite Crystal is the largest crystal known to man and is also one of the most valuable. It measures an incredible fourteen inches wide and six inches deep. Natural moldavite crystal is turning from light to dark shades of green; sometimes with a hint of blue. There are generally two theories on the creation of Moldavite Crystal; 1.


One theory on the creation of this beautiful crystal is through the process of universal creation, or emanations. This theory states that all things, even stones, are imbued with energy vibrations when they are formed in the physical universe, and that the Moldavite crystal is no different. According to this theory the extreme intensity of the green coloring within the stone is caused by the high intensity vibrations of energy which reverberates through the crystal and makes its colors appear so intense. Although this theory can be explained in scientific terms, it is largely ignored by most scientists because they do not view the world the same way as scientists do. Another theory on the creation of this stone holds that the crystal was stolen from an ancient Indian village by the residents of the village who were celebrating a festival. Some souvenir collectors believe that the stone’s intensity was so great that it actually frightened away the residents of the village, and that it has been there ever since.


The next theory on the creation of this beautiful stone holds that the ancient Chinese who mined it from the quarries of the Gobi Desert, found the stone in a basket. They opened the basket and inside they found a fossil. Researchers have found evidence that these fossilized creatures roamed the earth millions of year ago. They were covered in a powdery substance which is believed to be volcanic ash. The Gobi Desert, located in what is now China, was an exceptionally large area. It is believed that the Moldavite crystal came from the Caspian Sea and was transported by air to the Asian continent.

It is very interesting to note that all of these various theories on the creation of the Moldavite crystal employ the same terminology and all seem to suggest that there was a spiritual evolution taking place. They also all seem to connect the stones to some sort of spiritual quest or activity. Many critics have dismissed the idea that the stones had a spiritual meaning, but instead believe that they were simply colored gemstones that were manufactured for decoration purposes. Scientists, on the other hand, tend to think that the varying colors and sizes of the moldavite crystals were created either accidentally or by chance.


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