Organic Baby Formula – Is Organic Better Than Synthetic?

Organic baby formula is a healthier choice for your newborn

In the world today, many parents are choosing this over traditional formula. They are concerned about the chemicals and additives found in conventional formula. They want to give their child a healthier choice for their food.

Organic baby formula has been created to supply your newborn with the right balance of nutrients. Unlike non-organic or conventional milk, organic baby formula does not contain any milk or meat byproducts. The milk or meat is grown without any antibiotics, pesticides or drugs. Organic milk does not come from cows that have been given antibiotics, pesticides or drugs. This means that you baby will not be ingesting any artificial medications, drugs or hormones. Non-organic milk can also have unnatural and chemical products used to create it.

Organic baby formula is also healthier

A major benefit of organic baby formula is the higher concentration of valuable nutrients. Traditional milk only provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to promote the physical health of the infant. Babies that receive only this type of milk are prone to mineral deficiencies. Because organic milk provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins, it promotes overall brain health and mental development. Many of the vitamins and minerals found in organic baby formula are water soluble, meaning that they are absorbed easily by the system. Because babies in organic milk are less likely to become dehydrated, they are less likely to be suffering from dehydration brought on by the presence of pesticides and artificial preservatives in conventionally grown foods.

Because the ingredients are not processed by the animals used in the milk. Most conventional animal by products are processed with hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals that deplete the healthy nutrients from the animals’ bodies. The byproducts that are derived from the processing are antibiotics, growth promoters, poison and insecticides. These ingredients can cause severe and even life-threatening illness in humans. Because organic baby formula is made with a non-conventional cow, goat or chicken, these natural ingredients do not contain traces of these harmful chemicals.

This ingredient is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children

One of the best benefits of organic baby formula is that it is made with the highest quality ingredients possible. The cow, goat or chicken that is used in the making of the formula will provide vital ingredients to help your little one grow strong and healthy. For instance, if your child needs an ample amount of protein to help with the development of their muscles, the formula you choose should include whey protein isolate.

Some people may question why it is important to choose an organic baby formula over a traditional version that contains synthetic ingredients. Simply put, conventional formulas do not typically supply necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, cofactors or even probiotics. Synthetic ingredients do not generally supply essential fatty acids that help maintain healthy mucous membranes, pancreatic and ovarian function and limit the potential for developing allergies, asthma and even cancer. By choosing this type of formula over one that contains a synthetic gas or other artificial ingredients, the risk of your baby developing serious illnesses and conditions is significantly decreased.

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