Prescription Eyeglasses – Basic Information

sunglasses or contact lenses

Eyeglasses are one of the most essential fashion accessories of our day. People who love to shop for new eyeglasses never fail to look out for the latest fashion eyeglasses. Whether they are sunglasses or contact lenses, eyeglasses are now a part of people’s daily life. In fact, eyeglasses are an essential part of one’s image. Hence, wearing eyeglasses is considered a mark of formality. It is believed that eyeglasses are important for the visual identity of an individual.

Eyeglasses are a must for proper vision and should be treated with utmost care and caution. Safety eyeglasses should also conform to a high quality of impact resistance than normal glasses, which many optical experts tend to call “prescription eyeglasses.” This high quality of impact resistance applies to both the frames and the lenses of prescription eyeglasses. This means that the safety glasses should not break under stress and that they should not fall down if hit.

safety glasses that has a scratch on its lens

Prescription safety glasses should have a laminated surface on each frame, as this helps to reduce the risk of scratches to the surface of the lens. One should not wear a pair of prescription safety glasses that has a scratch on its lens. This kind of scratch will increase the risk of getting a bursitis that can weaken the muscles around the eye. If this happens, the eyes may become temporarily paralyzed. Therefore, one should only wear a pair of these glasses if the damage in the lens is negligible.

A pair of safety glasses will be made from a variety of lens materials. The main types of materials include polycarbonate lenses, CR-39 plastic lenses, and Gorilla glass. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact resistant than other kinds of lenses. However, polycarbonate lenses are also more expensive.

wearing a pair of safety glasses will reduce expose to radiation

Safety glasses can also protect your eyes from the effects of flying objects. Gliders and parachutes leave a lot of optical radiation. Therefore, if you are flying at night, wearing a pair of safety glasses will help you reduce the amount of the harmful radiation that reaches your eyes. Some manufacturers make their flying objects optically safe. Such eyeglasses can protect your eyes even when you are just walking around.

There are also certain safety glasses that provide protection from UV light. These protective lens tints prevent the ultraviolet (UV) light from entering the eye. One type of such lens tints contains a special type of coating. In this case, the coating slows down the passage of the UV rays. Some manufacturers coat the polycarbonate lens material with an anti-ultraviolet coating.

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