Psychological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common but embarrassing sexual problem

Premature ejaculation is when a male has an orgasm too fast and ejaculates (ejaculates) sperm soon after or before he and his partner want. It usually occurs before or soon after intercourse during sex. Men who have this condition may ejaculate with or without having sex, while others may ejaculate without feeling the urge to ejaculate at all.

There are many possible causes of premature ejaculation and only a few causes that can be cured. One of these is Sigmund Freud’s theory of compulsory sex. According to this theory, people are born with an inherent “latent desire” to experience sexual pleasure, which is channeled through the three main nerves in the penis head. Once this basic instinct is “kicked”, the person experiences a sense of involuntary and sometimes conscious control over ejaculation. However, in some individuals, this instinct can lead to PE, as many people who masturbate regularly have noted.

Premature ejaculation can also be caused by psychological factors such as anxiety

Another cause of premature ejaculation is psychological. PE is thought to occur within approximately 30 seconds after penetration, when the penis head is already inside the target (intended recipient). This is because the neurological connections formed at this stage are not strong enough to support ejaculation. The result is an un-orgasmic (no ejaculatory ejaculations) response from the receiver, which causes the individual to desensitize the penis head.

Because anxious people tend to ejaculate quickly, their performance in bed suffers, which leads them to excessively worrying about their performance and thus engage in self-focused thinking that may lead to negative and even obsessive thoughts. Such thoughts can negatively influence a person’s psychology and cause him/her to have distorted perceptions and feelings towards sex and sexuality in general. Therefore, any psychological cause of premature ejaculation should be treated accordingly. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been found very effective in cases involving premature ejaculation and may prove to be an effective treatment for such conditions.

Premature ejaculation and psychological causes may worsen with the use of certain medications

Finally, another possible cause of premature ejaculation has been associated with the level of sexual maturity attained. Over a period of time, the individual’s sexual ability and experience may decline due to various factors such as exposure to adverse events and stressful situations. In such cases, ejaculation occurring too early during penetration can take place instead of a prolonged and deep orgasm during copulation. As such, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a lasting erection or orgasm, whatever the term may be. What does exist is ejaculatory control. For those who have developed a poor understanding of this concept, this brief article on how to last longer in bed may help.

Individuals with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, neurological disorders, cardiovascular problems, and sexually transmitted diseases, for instance, are advised to refrain from using medications that may adversely affect their condition. As may be expected, there is a plethora of drugs available today that can delay ejaculation, but their use should only be approved by a qualified medical doctor. Individuals suffering from premature ejaculation or any other form of sexual dysfunctions may improve their quality of life if they make use of the appropriate medications.

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