The Kinds Of Kitchen Tools Most People Never Really Consider

Top Essential Kitchen Tools. As any good chef will tell you, without a good knife, your cooking performance in the kitchen will be less than desirable. A good chef’s knife is almost his best friend, and without it, you could be putting yourself at risk for serious injury.


a pair of good kitchen gloves

One of the most important kitchen tools that everyone should own is a good pair of kitchen gloves. In addition to helping one hold a knife correctly, they also help one perform tasks that involve working with hot items. For example, you might find that having a pair of good kitchen gloves will help you cook a more difficult meal if you are having trouble with the pan. Or maybe the gloves will come in handy if you happen to drop a saucepan into the food at an extremely high temperature. No matter what the reason for needing a set of kitchen gloves, anyone who spends some time in the kitchen must have this item in their kitchen.


a set of quality glass bowls

Another set of kitchen tools that every home chef should own is a set of quality glass bowls. It may be tempting to use plastic or metal bowls in place of glass bowls, but nothing says style quite like a good set of glass bowls. Glass bowls not only allow heat to disperse evenly throughout the pan, they also allow food to brown nicely on the outside while still remaining tender on the inside. It is no wonder that most professional chefs use glass bowls when making pasta dishes or frying steak. Having glass bowls available in your kitchen will definitely give you a sense of style and luxury.


a cutting board

Of course, no kitchen will be complete without a cutting board. While every chef has their own special cutting board, anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen should have at least one cutting board on their counter. A cutting board does more than just cut raw vegetables; it also allows for perfectly cooked foods to come out of your ovens. Since cutting boards come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges, finding one to suit everyone’s budget should be quite easy.


a set of quality vegetable slicers

Of course, another set of kitchen tools that every kitchen should contain is a set of quality vegetable slicers. No matter how much raw spinach a cook has in her freezer, she is never satisfied with the way her vegetables come out of her knife. By purchasing a vegetable slicer, she is able to slice her vegetables as she wants them, in the order that she wants them. Vegetable slicers are usually made from stainless steel, but there are also ones made from carbon steel and ceramic that are just as effective.


a good set of quality Dutch ovens

One final set of kitchen tools that every cook should have in his or her arsenal is a good set of quality Dutch ovens. While fish spatulas are a common inclusion in every kitchen, a good quality Dutch oven allows the chef to bring out the best in her recipes. Although Dutch ovens come in a number of different styles, including those that are built like cast-iron grills, many chefs prefer to buy one that is constructed entirely out of steel because it allows them to control the heat levels of the inside of the Dutch oven. A quality Dutch oven will usually be quite affordable, so purchasing one is actually a good investment for anyone who enjoys cooking for others.

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