Dog Runs Off-Leash

Tips For Training Your Dog To Run Off-Leash in Parks

Have you ever tried to catch your dog when he is running off-leash in a dog park? Well, if not, then it’s time that you did. Most of us have done it but we just didn’t like the fact that our little pooch would chase any other dog out of the park and get into trouble. Here are some tips on how you can easily do it.


If your local parks allow it,

go there during both sunrise and sunset. At the beginning of the day, most dogs are out for a walk or playing. You might as well catch them on both these seasons because most of them will run away when it gets dark.


If your dog runs off-leash in a fenced in yard,

you’ll first have to find the fence. The best way to do it is to look on the internet to see if there are any pictures of all the dog runs off-leash in a fenced-in yard. Then, check out the address of the owner of the property. It’s usually located on west cliff drive, next to the road known as Sunset Pointe.


Once you’re at the property,

call the owner and ask to see the dog. He should be able to give you his phone number. Now, you have two options to train your dog: to use a long leash and to use a short leash. If you want to teach your dog to use the long leash, then bring him over to the fenced-in area and start walking with him using the long leash.


The next step is to use the short leash.

Walk close to him. If he does anything that looks suspicious or threatening, say no and stop immediately. Do not chase the wild animals. When you are at least ten yards away from the wild animals, use the short leash and walk slowly towards the fenced-in yard while giving him lots of praise. If you can successfully do this without your dog pulling and running off-leash in the process, then you’ve successfully trained your dog to use the short leash when outside.


If your dog has a lot of energy

and if you think that he might hurt himself by running off-leash in parks, there are a few things that you can do to make it more difficult for him. One thing you can do is ask other dog owners in the park to stay a distance away and not feed your dog. Another thing that you can do is to keep your dog leashed every time you go to the park. You can buy leashes at local pet stores or dog clothing stores. It’s a good idea to have a leash with you at all times so that you can control what you’re doing, even if it’s just going to the park.

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