Type of Body Armor

Choosing the Right Type of Body Armor

Body armor is a type of self-defense product that consists of a padded vest that can be attached to the user’s clothing. Body armor is completely legal in almost all states for legal, law abiding residents. There are several manufacturers of this type of armor, and they all vary in quality, fit, finish and features. It is recommended to buy your body armor from a manufacturer you trust, such as Protectant Gear.


Body armor needs to fit well

and cushions on the outside of the vest are helpful in making sure the body armor is properly fitted. The cushioning should be able to cover the entire torso, and it should not be restrictive where the wearer’s muscles cannot move freely. Good body armor manufacturers will make sure the inside of the vests fits comfortably, including the arms and shoulders. It should not be too tight, or else it will limit movement, and it should be able to smoothly fit over the shoulders. Most body armor will fit so snugly that it will not move even when worn by an experienced, muscular person.


Body armor that fits too loosely will not provide adequate protection

Plate carriers are used in these self defense situations to add extra protection. Plate carriers help to add stability to the wearer’s body, and keep the plates secured at all times. When purchasing body armor, be sure that the plate carrier is made of strong, sturdy material, such as thick leather.


How long do the warranties on body armor last?

Some types of self defense products such as bullet resistant vests can last for decades. These are good choices for those who can afford them, because they are usually less expensive, and they are designed to be used over. However, if the vest is made of poor quality material, it may not last long enough to be usable. High quality plates can last up to ten years or more.


If you are considering purchasing a plate carrier or body armor,

there are many things to consider before you make your purchase. First of all, how many times have you been in a potentially dangerous situation where you were defending yourself, only to have the other party flee? If you have ever used your rifle to stop a threat in progress, you know that if you are properly trained, you can make positive decisions during these situations. Second, if you ever plan to buy high quality body armor, you should research all your options. You may be surprised to learn that some body armor products, including some designs from military service personnel, are no longer made for rifles, and may be too bulky to wear.


Another option to consider when wearing body armor

is to purchase plate inserts. Plate inserts are specially made to go over a standard plate carrier so that the plate carrier can be worn in place of a body armor vest. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Plate inserts are often less comfortable than full body plates, but some Plate Holders will go over full sized plates with no problem. Lastly, plate carriers are usually less expensive than full body armor, but they do not always provide the same level of comfort.

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