What Are Carbon Footprint And How Can Affect My Business?

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Beyond dwindling natural resources, there may be other equally important practical reasons to implement environmentally-friendly policies in your business. For one, following the U.N. Climate change conference that took place in New York, worldwide action on reducing carbon emissions will be taken seriously by international political leaders in coming years. For another, a growing number of companies and consumers are becoming aware of how their choices directly affect our environment. Furthermore, for many businesses, reducing their carbon footprint can go a long way in achieving their corporate social responsibility mission. For instance, beyond directly reducing greenhouse gases, businesses can also support or join other organizations that work towards “greening” our world.


How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint As A Business

There are several steps you could take to ensure your business is both sustainable and green. For example, by purchasing energy-efficient products, using natural and recycled materials, and minimizing your individual carbon footprint, you could save money on utility bills, protect the planet, and improve your company s corporate social responsibility performance. Moreover, beyond these direct environmental improvements, reducing your carbon footprint through your business activities could also go a long way in contributing to a more sustainable global economy.


Carbon Footprint is a term coined

by Environmental Defense Secretary, John Edwards. It is an accounting measurement of greenhouse gas emissions that focuses on the amount of energy used to produce a product and the associated CO2 footprint associated with that energy. If your carbon footprint is high, you are not taking active steps to reduce your personal carbon footprint. On the contrary, your business may be indirectly responsible for climate change because of its carbon-based energy consumption.


How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By 2% Each Year

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy “green goods and services.” Green goods and services include items such as bottled water, electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and energy-efficient appliances. While some companies may charge extra for purchasing some items, there are several online vendors who offer sustainable products at deeply discounted prices. There are even some businesses that provide customized shopping carts for customers who want to buy sustainable products but cannot afford to pay the extra money.


What is Exeter?

In the late spring of 2021 Exeter, England experienced one of the worst recorded hurricanes in history. The town experienced one of the biggest climate changes in its history when it experienced a record low for rainfall. This low resulted in the flooding of major rivers and creeks, which in turn led to a buildup of greenhouse gas emissions from the land and air. Because of this, the UK government announced a project to research and promote the sustainable development of the country’s environment.


How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For every cup of coffee you drink, one glass of wine, or one bottle of spirits you consume, you are contributing to carbon emissions. However, how can you reduce your footprint? Start by consuming more organic produce. Grow your own vegetables instead of purchasing frozen or canned ones. Find ways to replace some of your wasted food and to stock up on non-perishables like non-perishable fruits and vegetables and non-toxic waste.

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