What Are the Causes of Rapid Ejaculation?

premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which men ejaculate sooner than they or their partner’s desire. If you ejaculate sooner than you or your partner desires, it can be a very embarrassing and awkward situation. However, premature ejaculation does not necessarily mean that you are a sexually defective person. In fact, a large number of men reach orgasm within a few minutes of intercourse. The sad thing is that many premature ejaculation sufferers do not receive any sexual pleasure at all during this period.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be caused by physiological, psychological, and behavioral causes. Because of the complicated interplay of these three different causes, it is difficult to isolate the exact mechanism which causes premature ejaculation to occur. It is believed that there are two main factors involved. One is the biological cause, which is to stress or anxiety. The other is the psychological factor, which is normally referred to as self-esteem.

A number of possible causes exist. For example, premature ejaculation may be caused by several psychological conditions such as: depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, stress, performance anxiety, and nervous system issues. As long as it occurs infrequently, it is not cause for major concern. However, if you: Have suffered from rape, sexual abuse, or been injured in a traffic accident, these situations can cause severe anxiety. This can further increase your risk of experiencing early ejaculation.


If you have already undergone intercourse, your next step should be to talk with your doctor. Your doctor will take into consideration your past medical history. He may ask you questions about your sexual practices and if any medication you are taking has had any side effects or increases the risk of premature ejaculation. He may also examine your erectile tissue and perform a physical exam. In some cases, your doctor may recommend an examination and testicular massaging as ways to help control premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is often associated with sexual inexperience. It is a common problem among new and inexperienced partners. Because you may not be fully prepared mentally or physically to have intercourse when you are first trying to experience sex, your partner needs to be informed about your situation. This could greatly reduce your embarrassment or fear of rejection during intercourse. Your partner needs to know what causes premature ejaculation so that he or she can be ready to provide assistance when it occurs. Early treatment of this condition can decrease its severity considerably.


Many men suffer from this condition. Fortunately, there are numerous treatments available to reduce and even eliminate it. The most effective way to treat it, of course, is through a regular doctor-prescribed medication. If your condition is extreme or embarrassing for you, your doctor may recommend more intense therapy such as the use of antidepressants or even anesthetics. Whatever form of treatment you choose, using your mind as much as possible and using your doctor’s advice are very important to effectively treating premature ejaculation.

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