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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, is an online marketing strategy used by companies to improve the volume and quality of site visitors. SEO targets mostly unpaid web traffic rather than paying traffic or direct traffic. SEO services can either be bought from a SEO service company or done by an in-house SEO team. Although SEO is best done by a team, many businesses have started relying on SEO to enhance visibility and increase the number of site visitors.


The main objective of search engine optimization is to make pages of the website more visible in Google and other search engines, through carefully selected keywords. Keywords can be chosen by consulting a professional SEO consultant or by conducting market research. One can opt for pay per click advertising to get results quickly; however this approach usually has a high cost. Many online marketing consultants offer SEO at affordable rates.

SEO should be conducted in a manner that improves the ranking of a website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines by using targeted keywords. SEO can help you achieve better organic rankings for your website on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. SEO can give you an increased amount of traffic, resulting in an increase in sales. The number of visitors coming to your website will determine the success of your online marketing campaign.


SEO requires a large investment of time and money, but the return on investment is highly profitable. SEO consultants can help you with an in-depth knowledge of keyword research and select the right keywords and key phrases that will rank highly in the search engine listings. These keywords must be relevant to the content on your website. For example, if your business sells laptop computers then you should not use the term ‘laptop’ in your URL. Similarly, SEO consultants can help you with choosing the best keywords for your online marketing campaigns.

SEO experts analyze the inbound links to your website from other websites. This helps the search engine algorithms to view your website more favorably. This means that your website will have a higher ranking on the search engine results page. SEO helps your website to remain relevant during search engine queries. It improves the rankings of your website in the SERP or Search Engine Result Page, which can be beneficial to your online marketing strategy.


It is necessary to put in some effort to get your website optimized. You should spend time researching about the different ways of optimizing your website. When a person searches the Internet to find the information they are looking for, it is more likely they will choose a website that has good content and is optimized well. Online marketing through SEO enables your company’s website to attain a higher position in the SERP and obtain a good position in the first page of the search engine results page. This will improve the amount of traffic directed to your website. SEO is beneficial to the online marketing strategy of all types of businesses.

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